UHS 3DMAX 0-26KW 415V 3 Phase


Product Overview:
UHS3D max aluminum cast heating system, it’s safe, reliable and durable. Able to heat endless hot water instantly.
Smart design, Compact easy to install in any location.
Built-in anti-fire burning technology with overheat temperature protection.
Built-in software technologies to avoid electrical leakage.
Memory function to remember the current settings. If the electrical leakage current is over 20mA, the anti- protection system will cut off the power automatically.
When the outlet water temperature rises a both 80°C,the Tankless unit will automatically switch off to prevent harm to the heating elements, 。
When the temperature of the Tankless water heater reaches over 90°C,the unit will automatically stop heating up and show default code in the display panel if the water temperature risers temperature both 120°C, the built-in protection device will cut off the power automatically. You will need to open the case and press the reset button to start the heater again.
All the protection process and default alarms are automatically, activated, default code E1 means Over-temperature, E2 means electrical leakage, E3 means sensor errors, E4 means dry burning


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