Residential Tankless Water Heating System

Universal Heating Solutions is a trusted heating supplier providing a wide range of residential tankless water heaters to meet your needs.


Universal Heating Solutions offers a variety of high-performance catering water heaters to suit any business.


Keep your salon comfortable and inviting with Universal Water Heating Solutions. Get the reliable heating solution you need today.


Universal Heating Solutions specializes in providing industrial water heaters that are reliable, safe, and cost-effective.

Tankless Instant Water Heating Products UK

Universal Heating Solutions Ltd provides water heating products and other industrial heating solutions used in a variety of applications including the Commercial, Industrial, Food Service, Offshore/Marine tepid water solutions for emergency showers, DI RO deionised water solutions, and Residential markets across the UK. With a wide range of water heaters to choose from, immediate and direct access to factory sales engineers for technical assistance, and a skilled workforce, you can be confident knowing that a Universal Heating Solutions Ltd is the right choice for your project.

Universal Heating Solutions is a global leading heating supplier with an established product line of heating solutions. It provides all kinds of heating solutions and water heaters. The company follows extreme quality standards and policies that meet the global standards.

All products are manufactured in the USA by American workers and are shipped and distributed to UK by the company. Products are designed to meet the many different needs of our users with solutions available for all markets and usability cases. There are different ranges of products for Commercial, Industrial, Food Service Offshore/Marine, and Residential, these products have been built while maintaining high quality manufacturing practices. Our range of water heating solutions have been designed to be energy efficient. The easy installation process and lower maintenance cost mean the can enjoy reduced running costs.

Universal Heating Solutions is well known for its top-quality products, to ensure the highest degrees of performance, each single industrial heating product is sent through rigorous monitoring process during and after manufacturing, so that long lasting and excellent results can be delivered to the clients. Each instant water heating system we supply meets the highest of the industry standards and comes with a warranty.

While dealing in a variety of heating solutions, the company also conducts research and experiments on its facilities to bring forward the latest technology to make the client experience excellent. These cost-effective commercial heating products are readily available in the market and could be purchased through online orders. There is an efficient customer service desk that takes care of all enquiries that customers make regarding products, repairs and latest updates.

Join the thousands of companies across Cheshire and the rest of the UK already using Universal Heating Solution to provide commercial water heating products. 

Join the thousands of companies already using Universal Heating Solution to provide Tankless Water heating products

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