Hair salon water heaters

Hair Salon Water Heaters

Eco Salon Water Heaters

We appreciate that not all salons have the luxury of lots of space, So Universal Tankless Heating Solutions system has been designed in such a way that it can be installed anywhere within your salon.

Some owners floor site the unit, whilst others prefer to site the unit in a cupboard, roof space or basement, so whatever size of salon you own, you will be able to benefit from a tankless water heater .


Installation is very simple, all that is required is a mains cold water supply and electrical mains supply,
No Gas supply, pumps or header tanks are required An Installation guide is supplied for your installer.

Some Salon owners make the big mistake of taking advice from an installer who are totally inexperienced in the salon industry. We are here to provide advice to salon owners and installers to ensure that YOU have the right model for your business needs. our Tankless commercial water heating systems are specifically designed for professional salon business, and best thing of all is you only pay for hot water when you need it.

With a modern tankless water heating system you will enjoy constant instant hot water at a controlled temperature. Our models range from 14kw up to 48 kw and bigger units are available should you require them. A 14 kw unit will supply double back wash unit with constant temperature controlled hot water.

Product information:

Universal Heating Solutions offers a complete line of instantaneous tankless water heater for professional salon use :


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