Eco Model 0 – 16kw

The Eco Salon  Tankless water heater with its  Smart Technology Digital Controller and Display which automatically increases or decreases energy consumption based on the inlet water temperature and flow rate of water. It presents itself as a cost-effective alternative to electric storage heating.

Technical Features

Power Limiting: Allows the operator to reduce the power consumption by any percentage to provide installation and operational flexibility and savings.

Diagnostics: Display inlet and outlet temperatures, flow rate and error codes to assist in troubleshooting.

Temperature Control: Set the digital display to the desired water temperature in C fully adjustable in 1 increment from 0-90-C A user adjustable +/-3calibration features provides additional control for superior temperature accuracy.

True Flow Modulation & Thermostatic Control: Set it and forget it! The Eco salon tankless water heater features the most advanced temperature control system available in an electric tankless water heater today. It constantly measures the water flow and incoming water temperature to modulate power to the heating elements to maintain a precise output temperature as selected by the user. A convenient digital display indicates the temperature setting.

SMART CONTROLLER TECHNOLOGY: Allows you to set the temperature from 0 ~ 42deg Celsius once the temperature is set, the unit self regulates by measuring the inlet water temperature and flow rate to adjust its energy consumption thereby offering greater savings and the ability to run multiple applications.

Industry Leading Warranty.

Technical Support: Universal Heating Solutions LTD knows this business. With all our experience, there is not an application or situation we have not seen or handled before.

Price and Value: At the end of the day, the price still matters. As a home-owner or business, you deserve the best value for your money. Not only does the Eco salon deliver the most advanced technology, top-notch quality, industry-leading warranty, and expert technical support, our units are priced comparable to traditional tank/cylinder based water heaters.


The electric water heater contains high powered heating elements that heat water only when there is a demand for hot water. When hot water is needed, a built-in flow sensor measures the exact flow rate, and that data combined with temperature readings at the heater’s inlet and outlet are processed by the electronic temperature controller. This data is continuously transmitted to the temperature controller, which constantly calculates the precise amount of power (kW) needed to achieve the desired temperature. A zero cross over firing signal is sent to the fast acting triacs in order to modulate the heating elements to the precise level needed to meet demand. The tankless heater uses only as much power as is needed, while delivering accurate and consistent hot water temperature, Saves Energy Up to 60% OFF your water heating bills. 99.8% Energy Efficient Saves Water pays for itself many times over.


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • constructed with high-grade materials to ensure long operating life
  • Turn-Key package is simple to specify and easy to install and operate
  • Factory wired electrical controls provide trouble-free installation and operation

Engineered for your specific salon application to ensure reliable operation Wide selection of sizes to meet the needs of even the most demanding salons.


Eco salon Tankless Model

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