Product Description


Commercial Electric Water Heater

Provides Tepid Water For Emergency Fixtures

A Heavy Duty, Reliable Source For Tepid Water Delivery

The Model EMV water heater is a packaged system designed to meet the requirements of ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 for tepid water delivery to an emergency drench system. This heavy-duty water heater is constructed of a carbon steel tank and internally lined with 1/2″ thick Hydrastone cement to ensure tank longevity when operating at elevated temperatures, and is fully insulated with 3″thick polyurethane foam to minimize stand-by heat loss. The water heater is packaged with a mixing valve specifically designed, tested and proven for use in emergency safety shower/face/eyewash applications. The entire package including the mixing valve is factory piped and mounted to the water heater to provide single source responsibility.

When you specify and install a Model EMV, you will have the confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a long lasting, safe and dependable source of tepid water for their emergency drench system needs.

Download MODEL EMV Brochure Below:


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