Venting Solutions for Tankless Water Heater

Venting Solutions for Tankless Water Heater

Hot water bath can make you forget all worries in life. After spending a long day at work or in field working hard, you just need a hot shower to relax. At this time, waiting for the water to heat is the last thing one needs. Most of the water heating solutions take a lot of time in heating water since they will store water in tank and then apply heat to it. This process takes quite some time and energy. You can skip this process easily using residential as well as marine tankless water heater.

Being small in size and smart in usage, these can be easily installed in yachts, boats, ships, and houses in residential zones. You can enjoy hot water supply whenever you wish to. The heating is quick with its tankless fitting while consuming low energy. If you are familiar with the tankless water heaters, venting is an essential part of it. Here are few venting solutions for your marine and residential tankless water heater:

–    Direct venting: Gas tankless water heaters use outdoor air for combustion hence you can easily install them in smaller spaces. For small apartments, it can be hidden in closet or under the sink.

–    Side wall venting: You can install the vent on the side of the wall with horizontal combustion fan exhaust unit. It is suitable for apartments in huge building with no roof access.

–    Outdoor unit: With the outdoor unit comes the benefit of no vent. Since the unit is placed outside the house, it is best for hot areas. Also, if you have kids in the house, installing the tankless water heater outside in a shed or covered area is good.

You can also seek other venting solutions for your tankless water heater as per requirement and your house or boat. Enjoy energy saving and quick heating with the tankless water heater.


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