A Vivid Description of Different Types of Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

A Vivid Description of Different Types of Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are widely used by people around the world. Especially in a cold country like England an anywhere else in the United Kingdom, the necessity of heating instruments is quite important. With the winters in the country being quite harsh, the use of water heaters is very frequent. Even speaking of the shores, where the lakes and water bodies start freezing, boats and other marine or offshore establishments require water for their daily use. For them, special types of water heaters are used. Known as the marine water heater, UK citizens have been blessed with such amazing technology which helps them with heating water in severe cold conditions. Coming to the United Kingdom, apart from their use in homes, many other establishments such as schools, colleges, offices, medical hospitals, hotels, etc. also require water heaters to provide water for the entire building. This is where a commercial tankless water heater comes to use.


Types of Water Heaters


There are numerous types of commercial tankless water heater in the market, all of which have proven to be quite useful in their own way. Some of these are also used as a marine water heater UK companies customising them for offshore use. Some of these are –


  • Natural Gas Commercial Tankless water heater – It is mainly used as an outdoor installation. It is the best for heating water during the warmer seasons, as for harsh weathers, the unit might end up getting damaged. It is popular among the European citizens because of its affordable price and the fact that it runs on natural gas with an efficiency of pumping out 7.5 gallons every minute. It can even be used as a marine water heater, UK boatmen utilising this device to its full extent.
  • Concentric Twin Pipe Natural Gas Water Heater – The heater has two options when it comes to venting natural gas, with both of the options being concentric and coated with PVC. With concentric design, the chances of warm air leaking into our homes is also quite less, as the leaked air gets trapped between the insulations.
  • Indoor Natural Gas Water Heater – This specific heater is made for indoor installations. The vent design allows the hot air escape through the exhaust while the outer layer allowed fresh air to enter. The capacity for this particular water heater is pumping out around 9.4 gallons every minute, which is why its price is somewhere in the moderate range.
  • Condensing Propane Tankless Water Heater – The price of this particular unit is quite high, but that is because of its brilliant features which gives the buyer the perfect value for money. The condenser unit has a large capacity, premium features and high efficiency. While other heaters might require stainless steel for their vents, the use of PVC in the condenser unit largely reduces the expenses for the water heater. This unit can be used during warm and cold climates alike.




Thus, we see that such commercial tankless water heater are quite useful and can also be used as a marine water heater, UK being the prime hub of such devices.

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