Eco TX024-3T7 24kw 415v 3 Phase


Eco TX HX Commercial Tankless Water Heater:

Smart Technology Digital Controller and Display which automatically increases or decreases energy consumption based on the inlet water temperature and flow rate of water. It presents itself as a cost effective alternative to electric storage heating, solid fuel or LPG and is suited for commercial and or industrial use. These units can be installed either by direct mains attachment or in combination with a water tank /cylinder, it’s also suited to be combined with solar water heating/can be used as an electric boiler for space heating.


Self Modulating technology based on several factors:
1. We activate our system via a flow sensor at 1 LPM flow rate.
2. We read inlet water temperature.
3. Digital Temperature Setting allows for a constant and steady output temperature and power draw eliminating peaks and surges at start up thereby eliminating fluctuation and flickering lights.
4. Instant power adjustment based on flow rate, inlet temperature and desired outlet temperature setting. This Self Modulating technology makes our units a higher energy saving back up solution for low temperature heating systems.
5. Smart Technology Digital Controller and Display – JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT-Improved heater technology automatically increases or decreases energy consumption based on the inlet water temperature and flow rate of water.

UHS Water Heaters are a marvel of technology and engineering – overflowing with technology yet packaged in an intelligent yet simple design. It heats water entirely on demand, only when it is needed. When the unit is calling for heat water begins to flow, a sophisticated flow sensor and PCB board detects that hot water is being demanded and turns the unit on: Instantly, a series of sensors gather information about the flow rate of the water and the incoming water temperature, This information is sent to a microprocessor which calculates the amount of power needed to heat the water to the temperature set point. The water flows through the heat exchanger and exits the unit at the desired set temperature. The start-up process takes a couple of seconds. A convenient thermostatic control and digital display on the front of the unit allows the user to select an output temperature of between 0c and 80c.

What makes these units UNIQUE in this marketplace is its EXCLUSIVE, SELF-MODULATING TECHNOLOGY, Saves Energy Up to 60% and 99.8% Energy Efficient.

Product specifications:
16.3″ 17″ x 3.9″
Copper Exchanger, Stainless Steel Casing
Pipe Fittings:
3/4″ Quick-Connect Fittings (Press Fit)
360 380 415 480 Volts
Max. Amps:
33.4 Amps at 415v Three phase
KW / Elements:
8KW/ 2 element
50/60 HZ
Energy Efficiency:
Activation Flow Rate:
0.25 GPM
Operating Range:
5-150 PSI

5 years heating chamber
1 year electrical components

Heavy Duty Construction, Constructed with high grade materials to ensure long operating life
Turn-Key package is simple to specify and easy to install and operate. Factory wired electrical controls provide trouble-free installation and operation.

Engineered for your specific application to ensure reliable operation. A wide selection of outputs from 0-54kw to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

Process Systems
Wash Downs
Heat Pump Back-up
Boiler Systems
Emergency Safety Wash Systems
Freeze Protection
Heat Transfer Systems
Supplemental Heat

The UHS TX is a highly reliable and easily maintained heater designed for operation in commercial or light industrial applications. The heater is compact and extremely efficient, takes up minimal space, and reduces operating costs. Vast experience, meticulous engineering, and advanced technology ensure that you can rely on the UHS TX even in the most demanding and critical applications. The UHS TX is the right choice for your water heating demands, as you will be providing your customer with a quality product that is long lasting, trouble-free, and energy efficient.

Full Heater Modulation provides full modulation of each heating element, ensuring that the precise amount of heat is added to improve the heating demand generated by the triac during the switching process.

Proper Power Integrity:
All water heaters are engineered to operate as a balanced load and operate at 0.999 Power Factor:

Full Resource Staging:
The control scheme ensures that usage is equalized across the heating circuits. To achieve this, once the controller has calculated the precise amount of KW`s required. All circuits are energized in a staggered fashion such that each circuit is proportionally and independently energized and then staggered between circuits. This Full Resource Staging Scheme reduces EMI output, Increases component longevity and provides highly accurate and consistent hot water temperatures.

Download Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater Brochure Below:

Commercial Electric Tankless_Model_TX

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