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Sustainable Water Heating Solutions For Your Building

With nature going through such devastation changes, several organizations are opting for Eco-friendly measures. They want to contribute towards a better tomorrow, some for improving their public image while others genuinely worried about the damage being done to the mother earth. By following the sustainable development lifestyle one actually contributes towards reduced costs, better output along with saving nature.

Most of the energy sources that are being used today are very expensive, especially for the industry. Water heating and steam can take up a huge chunk of your annual cost, which can be smartly reduced, with help of the industrial tankless water heater. These water heaters are tankless, which means one does not have to fill it to its full capacity for heating the water or waste entire volume of hot water when you do not need it all. The energy used by the tankless water heating unit is much lower as compared to the traditional water heating units.

You can also save space used by the commercial water heater with tankless feature. It can be installed in smallest of spaces, utilizing it for other purposes. Being tankless, it can help in making water heating faster with reduced space usage. If you need quick supply of hot water throughout the day or at specific hours, you will not have to wait for it. The water is heated instantly without any delay giving you a thorough supply.

This is the next gen water heating solution, which helps in reducing energy cost, space used and water wasted with every single use. Apart from it, you can also connect it with solar power house using solar panels for water heating therefore saving on the energy bills further. Tankless water heaters are good option for sustainable lifestyle and development.

With smart usage and management, it can serve as a great investment for your industrial unit. Contribute your little bit for the environment by installing solar powdered tankless water heaters in your industrial units now and see the difference it makes for the betterment of your business and costs!

Smart Water Heating With Smart Space Utilization

Living in a small apartment comes with various challenges. You have to use the space smartly without letting anything come in the way you live. You to ensure that the space is utilized properly, every inch of it. There are times when you have to bid good bye to some luxuries of life, just because there is not enough room in your small apartment. One such luxury of life is hot water, which is usually not available in small apartments. You have to compromise either with the space or with that blissful hot water shower at the end of the day.

With the tankless water heater you can now enjoy best of both worlds in your small apartment- hot water and no compromising with space available. Like tankless commercial water heaters, these are designed to utilize smaller space. You can install them under the sink, in the store house, or anywhere you wish. Being tankless allows them to be the perfect option for studio apartments or small living spaces. These water heaters do not need a tank for storing water and heating units for supplying hot water. Using smart technology, these water heaters heat water as and when you need which does not require any storage.

This also means that your energy bill will be low as well. Regular water heaters tend to store water first and heat entire volume of stored water requiring high energy usage and resulting higher energy bill. Industrial tankless water heater in smaller units for apartments and residential spaces are the best way to enjoy hot water supply throughout the day without compromising with space or money. The winter is coming and this is the time for you to utilize something smart, unique and efficient in every way!

Get Rid Of Traditional Water Heating Systems, Go Tankless

Tankless water heating solution is a trendy thing to do for most of the commercial and residential setups now a days. Especially, industrial tankless water heater has become a popular product in the industries. Be it a small bread and breakfast agency or a bigger office, such applications make life more comfortable for everyone. You may be wondering, how does it make you more comfortable? What are the plus points.

Well, you save a lot of money and space when you adopt the system of Marine tankless water heater. In that extra space that you are saving by not installing a water tank or several water tanks, you can build up more areas for accommodation or other office use. It is like having a central system where you get hot water “on demand” and only when necessary. Naturally, this is one way to save on your energy bills.

If you are considering about these amazing products then you must give them a try. These are very easy to install or easy to maintain and in the long run over a certain period you will find that these are really cheaper than getting the traditional methods of water heating systems.

Before making the purchase, make sure that you are ordering from genuine suppliers. And make it a point to read some product reviews so that you can get excellent quality heating systems for your home or office.

Many people consider these to be additional expenditure. But you can make them essential investments that would bring you amazing results.

Enjoy Hot Water Anytime, Every Time!

residential-tankless-water-heaterThe pleasure of taking bath in hot water after a long day is nothing less than anything. You forget every little worry bothering you after that long cozy hot water shower, taking off every bit of tiredness from your body. However, waiting for the water heater or geyser to heat the water for you can be painful especially when you are very tired. How about enjoying that hot water bath whenever you wish to anytime of the day without waiting for it?

Yes it is possible with residential tankless water heaters! These industry level high quality water heaters can give you hot water whenever you want all day long. The special tankless technique allows the heater to supply hot water in the shortest time span which is not possible from the conventional water heaters used by most of the house owners. Your conventional water heaters will first store the water and then start heating it before supplying it to the taps or showers. This can not only take a lot of time but can also increase your energy bill.

Conventional heaters will heat entire tank at the same time, no matter if the water is to be used by only one person. After your shower, rest of the hot water will remain in the tank eventually turning cold. If you want hot water, you have to heat entire tank every time.

All this can be avoided with tankless water heaters, which heats water simultaneously as it passes through the pipes towards your shower. This means that you will heat only that volume of water which you will use. No storage, no wastage and no fuss!

Not just for residential areas, but tankless water heaters are also available for industries and boats. You can install marine water heater in your boat and enjoy hot water showers, during those long cruises with your loved ones. This is definitely worth trying. Get one for yourself and enjoy!

Quick Water Heating Solutions for Hassle Free Life


Who does not like to have a hassle free life where everything is available with just a single click whenever they want and wherever they want. Whether it is a new dress or hot water supply, you deserve to have it at your will. Residential tankless water heater solutions can make it possible for you to have hot water supply all day long whenever you want, in a single click.

You will not have to wait for the traditional geysers or water heaters to heat your water at the end of the day when you come back all tired and battered after a very long day or when you have to leave for the early morning classes or office.

With tankless water heaters, you can actually enjoy regular supply of hot water all day long. All this comes with so many benefits that will make you forget the traditional water heating solutions.

  • Quick heating: Since the water heater does not store water, it heats the water in one go during supply. This allows you to enjoy hot water bath with waiting time of just a minute or less.
  • Save energy: You will not have to heat up an entire tank of water, which will eventually save on energy bills. Comforting hot bath with money saving, nothing can be better than this.
  • Easy fitting: If you have a small apartment, you can also install these new age water heaters without any fuss. Whether it is your bathroom or your kitchen, get quick water supply all day long.

Not just for your houses, but also for boats in form of marine water heaters, these new ages water heating solution will make your life easy.

Marine Tankless Water Heater and Industrial Water Heater

cf0d33c35381e2b912c3cf6ce588cbb8There was a time when hefty large water storage and heating systems were the only option people had. It was a sorry option too, at that. Because the overly large storage tanks inevitably lead to wastage of both water and electricity that was used to heat that water up. Because it was simply not possible to use that amount of hot water in a given time. Thus the water would go cold and would be wasted. So families would lose electricity and water would be wasted, which is very bad in a world where water is not freely available to everyone.

But today people have a better option of choosing the tankless water heater which is also a water heather but with a smaller and more functional storage tank. The storage stank is not gigantic and thus only the amount of water needed at any given time could be heated and thus neither excess water nor extra electricity would go to waste thus serving both the people and Nature.

These units are used for other purposes too apart from in homes and offices. They are used as marine tankless water heater too as they are very functional, convenient and efficient. Hence, they are also widely replacing old storage tank water heaters as industrial water heaters too. These water heathers are a great option and much, much better than the old large storage tank heathers as they are smaller in size and also never give rise to any water springs and leaks unlike the storage tank water heaters. They save electricity and water and hence people save money as well as help people save Nature by not wasting her precious resources thanks to cumbersome faulty old machinery. So it is best to switch from old water heather to new tankless heaters.

What Is The Best Choice Of A Water Heater?

The need to heat water for both domestic and industrial purposes will always be there. Water is needed in its heated state almost as much as it is needed in its lukewarm state. As a matter of fact, it is able to serve many purposes in its heated state than when it is lukewarm. Based on this, it is always important to have a proper means of heating up your water as often as the need arises. Today, there are many options for heating up water. Depending on your reasons, you are at liberty to single out your preferred water heater. In case you are wondering what the best choice of an industrial or commercial water heater is, consider the following information.

Today, the industrial water that is commonly used is the tankless water heater. This is mainly because of the numerous advantages that are associated with the heater. One of the most notable advantages that are associated with the water heater is the fact that it is not bulky. Unlike the old industrial water heaters which were bulky to carry and install, this one is actually simple in both design and operation. One reason that makes it less bulky and more reliable is the fact that it does not need a reservoir. Old industrial water heaters require a reservoir of water. Users have to wait for the water to heat up before they can begin to draw any water out of the tank. When it comes to a tankless water heater, the water does not need to be in a tank to be heated. This attribute makes a tankless water heater one of the most convenient water heaters available today.

Another attribute of the tankless water heater is the fact that it is able to heat up water within a short period of time. These heaters can heat up water within a minute depending on the water demand and the size of the heater. For industrial purposes, the heaters are often more robust and capable of handling huge quantities of water. A typical example is a residential tankless water heater that is able to heat up as much as 15 litres of waters within a single minute. This attribute of the tankless water heater makes it one of the quickest water heaters that are available on the market today. It is also said to be one of the best industrial water heaters that are available today.

The fact that they are able to heat up water within a short period of time simply means that the tankless water heaters can be used in emergency situations where water is supposed to be heated up quickly or spontaneously. These heaters are the epitome of convenient water heating solutions. On the other hand, a lot of electrical energy can be saved through the use of tankless water heater UK choices as opposed to the other options of water heaters that are available on the market today.

All You Need To Know About Tankless Industrial Water Heaters

A Tankless water heater is different from a traditional heater in a number of ways. To start with, it produces heated water on demand. This means that the heater produces hot water only when it is needed rather than continuously producing hot water even when the need has not arisen. On the other hand, it is made to respond to the spontaneous need for hot water. Therefore, it actually works faster than a regular commercial water heater which perpetually needs to produce hot water.

Unlike all the regular industrial cylinders the Tankless  heater saves a lot of energy in various ways. First of all, the heater responds to high demand  spontaneous hot water , Therefore, it does not need to use up electricity for purposes of continuously generating hot water Secondly; it works faster than a regular water heater. Therefore, it uses up less electrical energy compared to a regular commercial water heater. These are important attributes that make the Tankless industrial heater better at conserving electrical energy compared to a regular cylinders heater.

An industrial tankless water heater is able to produce large volumes of temperature controlled  water  within a short period of time , Tankless water heaters are able to produce hot water ranging from  0 degrees Celsius   up to 120 degrease Celsius   depending on the model .

With an industrial Tankless water heater, you do not need to wait for hot water like regular cylinders water heaters , The hot water is readily available as soon as you need it. You simply have to open the hot water outlet to  receive your heated water.

Universal Heating Solutions- Your Counter for Heating Solutions


Universal Heating Solutions is a distributor of the Hubbell Tankless Water heating products in the Cumbria of England. Our products are used in variety of industries like Industrial, Food Service, Residential, Marine and commercial markets.

Our products have wide ranges to choose from like Emergency Shower Water Heater, Industrial Water Heater, Deionized Water Heater, Hair Saloon Water Heater, Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater, etc. They are easy to install and maintain.

Our tankless water heater provides hot water on demand and it does not require large storage tank too. Our tanks are affordable and have low maintenance cost.

One of the key features of our tanks is that they are highly energy proficient and has exceptional leakage chances. We are a reputed company in the production of heating solutions. We provide the latest technology to our clients in the world of heating services and products. The tankless water heaters have many advantages like they require minimal space compared to traditional water heaters. They are also easy to maintain and have lower labor cost compared to other water heater. Moreover, they save much energy that traditional tanks usually occupy much to maintain the heat in the vessel.

Our Emergency Water Heaters provide lukewarm water for emergency equipment or fittings. They are fully insulated and hence minimize the understudied temperature. The Industrial Tanks can be used in any industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, food production, etc. Our tanks are smarter, cleaner and energy-saving. All our products are affordable and fit according to your need.

Our products are safe in use and are durable. You can buy our products online and we are always ready to serve our customers. We also have a service desk that responds to all the enquiries of our customers’ right from placing order to the repairs and any latest updates.

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Save on Energy With Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

We all know energy prices keep increasing but we all have the need for heated water whether that be for the home or the work shop or on an industrial scale. We try our best to keep energy bills down as well as being good to the environment .



Eco Hubbell 0 – 14kw

Heated water is something which is used most of the day by everyone in the family Or in the work shop/ factory. Heating stored water is one of the biggest reason for energy wastage . You are heating the water even when it is not being used.

It is time to take action and start saving money on the energy bills as well as being good to the environment using residential tankless water heater or commercial / industrial Tankless water heater allows you to heat the water whenever you need it.

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