Universal Heating Solutions- Your Counter for Heating Solutions

Universal Heating Solutions- Your Counter for Heating Solutions

Universal Heating Solutions is a distributor of the Hubbell Tankless Water heating products in the Cumbria of England. Our products are used in variety of industries like Industrial, Food Service, Residential, Marine and commercial markets.

Our products have wide ranges to choose from like Emergency Shower Water Heater, Industrial Water Heater, Deionized Water Heater, Hair Saloon Water Heater, Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater, etc. They are easy to install and maintain.

Our tankless water heater provides hot water on demand and it does not require large storage tank too. Our tanks are affordable and have low maintenance cost.

One of the key features of our tanks is that they are highly energy proficient and has exceptional leakage chances. We are a reputed company in the production of heating solutions. We provide the latest technology to our clients in the world of heating services and products. The tankless water heaters have many advantages like they require minimal space compared to traditional water heaters. They are also easy to maintain and have lower labor cost compared to other water heater. Moreover, they save much energy that traditional tanks usually occupy much to maintain the heat in the vessel.

Our Emergency Water Heaters provide lukewarm water for emergency equipment or fittings. They are fully insulated and hence minimize the understudied temperature. The Industrial Tanks can be used in any industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, food production, etc. Our tanks are smarter, cleaner and energy-saving. All our products are affordable and fit according to your need.

Our products are safe in use and are durable. You can buy our products online and we are always ready to serve our customers. We also have a service desk that responds to all the enquiries of our customers’ right from placing order to the repairs and any latest updates.

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